Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recent Photos

Merritt Plays Cribbage, Merritt and Mom in bed, Merritt with Noah's Ark, Merritt in the Stroller Aunt Karen Bought

Merritt and his buddy Laine "The first play date"

I am adding a whole bunch of photos for those far away!


Merritt had his first tooth come in Saturday-on the bottom. We also noticed last night that the one next to it is coming in! We will get a photo up as soon as we can get him to move his tongue.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man....

Mark noticed yesterday that Merritt has started to clap! If we clap at him, he now claps back. It's so fun because we haven't even been trying to teach him. How do they learn these things!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maya, our demon kitty, has really takem a liking to Merritt. She doesn't share any of her normal terms of endearment with him (hissing, moaning or general attack mode). He hits her, and tries to eat her ears and she just purrs away...weird...
p.s. Mom B-please don't faint when you see these photos!
Merritt is a champion eater! He is now eating peas, squash, garden veggies, green beans and rice crackers. He also thinks he know how to feed himself as you see in the photos. He ends up getting more air that milk!

A little help from daddy

Merritt at 6 months!

We went to the doctor for Merritt's six month appointment yesterday. He was 17.8 pounds and 28 inches long (that puts him in the 95 percentile for hight). He is of course completely healthy! Praise God. He is still sitting up on his own and trying to stand. He still does not like "tummy time." Here are a couple funny photos of him trying to stand in the crib.

Waiting for Dad

Merritt had a great first Christmas-over the holiday he learned to sit up unaided by his parents. Here he sits near the window with "buildabear" waiting for dad to come home.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day- A Winter Wonderland

"Snow, snow snow, snow" as Bing sings...What a great way to wake up for a Washington Christmas morning. I am told that we have not had snow on Christmas since 1996. We spent the morning on a leisurly walk to the Guthrie's house. Merritt played for awhile with his buddies Marissa and Caleb and we wandered home. That evening we spent time at the Carr's house. We had a fantastic dinner and great fellowship.