Friday, September 17, 2010

A Little Update

It is so fun to hear the kids laughing together! When I get home from work, we put the kids to bed and then we sit down to eat dinner. Recently, our background noise has been them peaking over the tops of their beds gigling at each other. One of them will squeal and the other squeals back. This goes on and on and on until Morgan gets too tired to stand anymore.
Morgan started crawling yesterday and she was quite smug amount it; she was very proud of her acheivement and so were we. Now we are in trouble-two on the move! Mark caught some of it on video. She also has her bottom two teeth and has been munching on crackers, cheerios, corn and whatever else she can steal from Merritt while he is distracted.
Merritt has been really focused on playing by himself a lot more lately. He will play with his trains or his Fisher Price "trio" blocks all by himself. He knows a lot of his numbers but refuses to say them on command. He rides his push bike with ease these days, coasting for long periods of time. Mark said that if we had a pedal bike, he'd put him on it now!

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Photos