Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The First Zoo Trip

We have now firmly established that animal do not rank as high as machinery. We got more excitement from Merritt driving through Mt Vernon and seeing tractors, excavators and cranes from the highway, then we did from the zoo.

We tried to explain to Merritt that you can't point the super powered hose nozzle directly at the dirt, but he had to learn by trial and error! I love the look of utter disbelief!
Morgan having her first meal of butternut squash.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Deming Log Show

All of the photos look the same...Merritt with an amazed look on his face in about 4 dozen different logging type vehicles. Note the line up of machinery visible in the picture backgrounds...

Merritt watching someone doing chainsaw art.
This was so cool! This was a real working "mini size" bulldozer. Merritt actually got to push dirt around!

Lake Chelan

We have started a family tradition of going to the east side of the mountains every year with our friends the Martinez'. We had another great time this year and the weather was wonderful!

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow! I was really behind! These are photos of the Memorial Day weekend race we have here called Ski to Sea. It is a relay race from Mt Baker to the Bay. Marks team took first place in the Corporate Division and 27th overall. Afterwards there is a street fair and the fire department always does a family BBQ. Here are some photos of Merritt in a turn of the century fire engine.

Miss Morgan

Summer is getting into full swing around here, although maybe not the weather. School is out, the sun is up most of the day...and so are the kids. June 21st brings many wonderful things to this week. Not only is it my birthday week, but the beginning of darker mornings. You may be thinking, "what's so great about that?" The longer it's darker the longer everyone sleeps.....

Morgan started to be able to hold her own weight up this week. She will stand for 30-40 seconds and then collapse, but she is getting stronger! She really enjoys chewing on plastic spoons. I think that they are just the right size for gripping with her tiny hands. She continues to eat rice cereal and is doing much better keeping more of it in her mouth! She brings happiness to each day with her contentment and freely given smiles. Kids can definitely teach you a thing or two about loving and having fun.