Thursday, April 7, 2011

Morgan Our Big Girl

Well we decided to just "go for it" this week. we moved Morgan into her toddler bed. She is doing great so far; we are on day 3. We feel so lucky to have 2 kids that stay in their beds! I have heard some real nightmare stories of how some parents try to keep their kids in their rooms. She seems to like it and wakes up really happy in the morning. Merritt thinks it is pretty cool too. When I came home last night from work, both kids were playing in the bed, laughing and rolling around. Merritt was picking Morgan up under her armpits and carrying her into the bed. She'd giggle and fall down only to get up again and ask him for more. In headline news (which I will try to get Mark to write about in more detail) Morgan pooped and peed on the toilet yesterday. She told Mark and then led him to the toilet. I am considering it a fluke...something she thinks is "the in thing to do" since she's been watching big brother. It was exciting anyway!