Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I't been a long time!

Well a lot can happen in a month! I was inspired to get on and write after reading a friends incredible blog entry today. I don't expect to be nearly as eloquent as she was, but I would like to let everyone know Merritt's new tricks and skills!

When we went to Chesterton last month, Merritt was just starting to crawl and stand while holding on to something. Now...Merritt is a super crawler, whose mom can't always keep an eye on him (when do those eyes in the back of your head start to grow?). He really likes cords of all types, and especially the button for the toaster oven. We have since moved the toaster oven to a much higher location.

Merritt is now standing on his own with help from the walls and door knobs (unaided when he is really focused). He can walk sideways down the wall and has even learned to "gently" lower himself back to a seated position.

His new favorite toy is a little walker "cart" that we got for him. He can stand behind it and walk on his own. It has wheels and a lot of other bells and whistles. Stay tuned for a picture shortly. In the last week he also learned to get up to standing using this very unstable object.

We have also moved to two naps a day. What a big boy! Another new favorite game of his is jumping on his bed. He likes to hold the railing and go boingy boingy boingy get the picture...