Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All About Morgan

A friend of mine recently reminded me that if you are receiving these updates in your e-mail, click on the title and it will transport you to the blog. Morgan really started to walk on her own (not just take a few steps) in the beginning of Feb. A few of these photos are of her walking. Now that she has legs, she won't crawl anywhere! She is also learning to identify animals and can point them out in books. She knows a few of the sounds, but her favorite is to imitate the lion "rooooaring." She is still very small for her age, but makes up for it in aggressiveness. She eats at least twice as much as Merritt at every meal and screams if she doesn't get her food refilled fast enough. He stomach looks like a protruding balloon and is usually hard as a drum, but that does not stop her from eating more! Her favorite foods right now are avacados, stawberries and bananas. As she gets older we are starting to see what a ham she is. She loves to show off her belly button...and everyone elses....she also loves to steal Merritt's giraffe and tries to run off before he notices. She still has her bunny lovie that she carries around. She has three that we interchange as they start needing laundry time. To Morgan, the more bunnies the better...she will dig through clean laundry baskets until she finds them! Here are a few photos of Morgan being herself!