Monday, March 7, 2011

Day #2

We had a great day yesterday. Only 1 urine accident in the morning! I think the whole thing started to "click" for Merritt in the afternoon. He would be playing and all of a sudden say different variations of "quick run to the potty" or "I have to go potty." He even pooped in the potty in the afternoon. We had a "poopy party" for him with doughnuts and kazoos. We took some photos, but I think I left the camera in their bedroom last night. I will post them later this morning.

Morgan thinks this has been great! doughnuts...juice boxes (we don't normally give them juice), new toys... She is starting to show herself to be every bit GIRLY! She has started going to the shoe bin and picking out what she will wear...SEVERAL times a day. Last night after bath time Mark was trying to get her dressed, but she refused to wear her sleeper. She wanted to wear her onesie with he glitter jelly shoes. I will also post some photos of that. Also, get a load of those curls...